Bonuccelli Family Genealogy
Updated: 1-31-05

Please peruse these listings and let me know if anything is out of order or missing. I still DESPERATELY NEED birthdates, deathdates, marriage dates, places, names of children - there are many gaps. So if you see anything missing PLEASE get in touch with me at the contacts below - THANK YOU!

Just as importantly, I'm trying to include a photo of everyone, so if you have any images of someone I'm missing a shot of, PLEASE email or mail them to me and I'll get them archived in the list - including and especially older photos of people back a few generations.

I've changed the listings so the public family tree doesn't include personal info on living persons. If you are family member and would like access to the private web family tree with living persons included, please email me with your info!
Thank you for all your help! - Dominic AZ Bonuccelli

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